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Why does the room smell like rotten eggs after using Rescue™ Disinfectants?

Certain gloves (i.e. latex and nitrile) may have a sulfur residue that reacts with hydrogen peroxide and creates an odor.

During the manufacturing of some latex & nitrile gloves, the process leaves a sulfur residue on the surface of the latex or nitrile. When this surface comes in contact with hydrogen peroxide (the active ingredient in Rescue™), the reaction creates a rotten egg odor.

This odor does not mean that the glove and Rescue™ are incompatible, and you can still use latex or nitrile gloves as acceptable Personal Protective Equipment when using Rescue™ Disinfectants. The odor will lessen as the residue is removed from the glove, or you can switch to an alternative glove that does not have the same issue. Examples of different glove types include latex, nitrile, natural butyl rubber, neoprene, or vinyl, all of which are compatible with Rescue™.

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