Why does Rescue™ have no fragrance?

Safety and ease of use was our number one concern when creating Rescue™, but the truth is that clean really has no fragrance - rather, it is the absence of smell due to the absence of any odor causing materials.

The reason behind creating a scent-free product is to avoid the masking of odors that can be created by the things you are trying to eliminate from the environment. Many common cleaners and disinfectants tend to have scents that mask the odor of the chemical, but also the odor in the room or facility.

When you clean with Rescue™, there is no scent masking the cleanliness - the room or facility will eventually just smell clean.

Added fragrances also tend to contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are one of the leading causes of fragrance sensitivity and negative effects to indoor air quality. Products that are scent free result in fewer negative reactions by end users, fewer complaints by occupants of the facility, and from an Occupational Health & Safety standpoint, a better technology to use.

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