What is the difference between hydrogen peroxide and Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide®?

Rescue™ is based on our patented technology called Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide®, or AHP®. The only active ingredient in AHP® is hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide, which you purchase at a local drugstore, is 3% Hydrogen Peroxide and 97% water making it very unstable and extremely easy to inactivate, which makes it unsuitable for use as a disinfectant on hard non porous surfaces. To resolve this, a team of scientists took Hydrogen Peroxide and created a special formulation by adding chelating agents to help stabilize the hydrogen peroxide. This in turn allows it to accelerate the time it takes to disinfect a surface and remain active, for the length of time required to disinfect. This new highly effective Hydrogen Peroxide based technology is now called Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®).  

Additionally, AHP® contains surfactants (detergents) that allow Rescue™ to work effectively as a cleaner as well as a disinfectant, and wetting agents, that reduce the surface tension of a liquid and allow it to spread across or penetrate the surface of a solid more easily.

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