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What absorbent should be used for cleaning up a spill of Rescue™ Concentrate?

When dealing with a spill of Rescue™ Concentrate, you can use an absorbent like cat litter, vermiculite, or dry sand, and then rinse with water.

The Safety Data Sheet for Rescue™ Concentrate states:

Contain and soak up spill with absorbent that does not react with spilled product. Place used absorbent into suitable, covered, labelled containers for disposal. Use water rinse for final cleanup.

Appropriate absorbents that won’t react with Rescue™ would include cat litter, or any universal absorbent like vermiculite or dry sand. After using the absorbent, rinse the area with water.

If you are dealing with a smaller spill on a counter top, you can simply clean it with any type of absorbent cloth first, and then rinse the cloth with water before disposing it in solid waste.

If you are dealing with a large spill of undiluted (full-strength) concentrate, and you are rinsing this down the drain, it is a good idea to keep the water running (cold or room temperature water) for 10-15 minutes after rinsing all the chemical away, just to make sure that it has been completely flushed through the drain.

The Safety Data Sheet for Rescue™ Ready-to-Use Liquid states: 

Small spills or leaks: (< 5 gallons) can be flushed into sewage system in accordance with local regulations. Diluted product can be flushed to sanitary sewer. Use water rinse for final cleanup.

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