Sticky floors after using Rescue™ Disinfectants

The stickiness you are observing is caused by the commonly-used, safe detergents within Rescue™, that help it to act as a cleaner as well as a disinfectant.

The active ingredient in Rescue™ is hydrogen peroxide. Once Rescue™ dries on the floor, the hydrogen peroxide evaporates into oxygen and water, leaving no active ingredient behind on the surface. What is left behind are the detergents, (similar to household dish soap), which may lead to stickiness on the surface.

You may notice stickiness more if you are using Rescue™ frequently, and at the stronger dilution (1:16), this sometimes leads to a slight build-up over time, causing stickiness. An occasional rinse with water can help to get rid of this buildup on the floor. This can be done once a week, or every time you disinfect, depending on your preference.

For daily disinfection of floors, we recommend the 1:64 dilution (2 oz/gallon of water) for a 5-minute contact time. The 1:16 dilution (8 oz/gallon of water) can be reserved for outbreak situations where an infectious disease is suspected to be present.

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