Does the surface need to be pre-cleaned before using Rescue™ Disinfectants?

Rescue™ is a one-step cleaner and disinfectant which remains effective when in contact with soil loads.

The intent of cleaning and the use of an approved cleaning technology is not only to remove soils that can become food for pathogens, but also to remove large amounts of pathogens that may be present on the surface. The more organic matter that has been removed prior to disinfecting a surface, the more effective any disinfectant will be.

To follow recommended practices for disinfecting:

  1. Remove animals from the area
  2. Safely remove any visible soils or liquids from the surface
  3. Apply a lower dilution of Rescue™ Concentrate (1:256 or 1:128) in order to properly clean the surface
  4. Apply the stronger dilution of Rescue™ Concentrate (1:64 or 1:16 with a 5-minute contact time) in order to properly disinfect the surface
  5. After the required contact time has been reached, you can either leave the solution to air dry, or you can provide a rinse with water to the surface, before bringing the animals back into the area.

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