Can you add an odor eliminator to Rescue™?

No, we do not recommend mixing anything with Rescue™ disinfectants, aside from water to dilute the concentrate.

In order to ensure the safety profile of Rescue™, as well as to ensure the efficacy of the product, we do not suggest mixing anything with Rescue™.

The active ingredient in Rescue™ Disinfectants is Hydrogen Peroxide, which disinfects by oxidizing and eliminating what is on the surface. The reason behind creating a scent-free product is to avoid the masking of odors that can be created by the things you are trying to eliminate from the environment. Many common cleaners and disinfectants tend to have scents that mask the odor of the chemical, but also the odor in the room or facility. Clean really has no fragrance- rather it is the absence of smell due to the absence of any odor-causing materials. When you clean with Rescue™, there is no scent to mask the cleanliness- your room or facility will eventually just smell clean!

Rescue™ contains Hydrogen Peroxide, surfactants and wetting agents. At the in-use dilution, Rescue™ has been proven to be non-toxic (acute oral, dermal and respiratory), non-irritating to eyes, non-corrosive to skin and non-skin sensitizing. Additionally, Rescue™ is fragrance free and dye free. In accordance with the SDS (Safety Data Sheet), Rescue™ Disinfectants at the in-use dilution do not carry any hazard statements or hazard pictograms.

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