Can Rescue™ Disinfectants be used on shoes?

Rescue™ Disinfectants can be used to disinfect shoes, however a compatibility test is recommended to make sure there will be no damaging effects to the materials.

Rescue™ is designed for use on hard, non-porous surfaces. Most rubber and plastic shoes should be okay- Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide has been widely used to disinfect the bottoms of rubber boots. You can view our support blog on disinfecting using a foot-bath/boot-dip here.

We do suggest conducting a spot test on a small area of the shoe to determine compatibility before proceeding to disinfect the entire shoe.

If using the Rescue™ Concentrate we recommend a 1:16 dilution and ensuring a 5-minute contact time has been met. Alternatively, using a foaming application with the Rescue™ Ready-to-Use Liquid may be preferred, as this only requires a 1-minute contact time on the surface in order to disinfect.

Please note that if the shoes contain soft surfaces such as foams, Rescue™ can certainly help to clean these surfaces, but it will not disinfect. We would also recommend a quick rinse with water after using Rescue™ to minimize gradual wear and tear on the shoes.

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