Can Rescue™ Disinfectants be used in a foot bath?

Yes, you can use Rescue™ Concentrate in a foot bath/boot dip application, with a few recommendations.

We suggest using the 1:16 dilution (8 oz/gallon of water). Although it is not widely known, contact time is very important to ensuring that disinfection has been achieved - this is the amount of time that a solution should remain visibly wet on a surface. When using Rescue™ Concentrate at the 1:16 dilution, we recommend a 5-minute contact time.

Make sure to place a sufficient volume of the solution in the tray, enough to saturate the sole of the boots, or enough to saturate an absorbable mat that will be stepped on prior to entering or exiting the area. 

The solution should be changed daily, or more frequently if noticeably cloudy or soiled. We would also recommend that the boots be free of major soil (mud, manure, etc.).

The best practice we recommend is using a Trigger Foaming Gun with the Ready to Use product. This would allow your shoes to remain wet for a longer period of time.

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