Can Rescue™ Disinfectants be used in a fogging machine?

Our technology has been used successfully in fogging applications, however because of the diversity of fogging apparatuses in use, there is no set protocol for this application.

Our general recommendation for daily disinfection would be to dilute the Rescue™ Concentrate using a 1:64 ratio (2 oz/gallon of water) before putting it in the fogging machine.

In situations where you suspect an outbreak may have occurred, you may use the stronger 1:16 dilution (8 oz/gallon of water).

The effectiveness of Rescue™ Disinfectant is not impacted by droplet size. However, it is important to make sure that the solution remains visibly wet on the surface you are disinfecting, for the duration of the contact time (5 minutes).

Another factor to keep in mind is that when fogging is used to apply disinfectant, there is no physical mechanism of cleaning dirt, debris and pathogens from the surface. For this reason, pre-cleaning surfaces with a detergent may be required before applying the disinfectant through a fogging apparatus.

Rescue™ disinfectants are non-toxic and non-irritating at in-use concentrations, so you will not have to wait long before re-entering the room.

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