Can Rescue™ Disinfectants be used on surfaces that were previously cleaned with Quats?

Yes, however you might notice a musty smell coming from the surface when you initially begin switching to Rescue™ . This smell is non-toxic, and will disappear after a few applications.

Quaternary ammonium compounds (quats) are known to leave an active residue behind from their surfactants, even when the surface has dried. That being said, their chemistry is based on cationic surfactants, which do not react adversely with the hydrogen peroxide concentration that is found in Rescue™.

When you first start using Rescue™, you might notice that there is a musty odor coming from the surface that you are disinfecting. This is because Rescue™ is stripping away the residue left behind from the Quats that you were previously using. After a few applications of Rescue™, it will have lifted the old residue completely, and you will no longer experience the smell. For some recommendations you can view our blog, Odor when using Rescue™ Disinfectants.

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