Can bleach be used on surfaces that were previously cleaned with Rescue™ Disinfectants, and vice versa?

Yes, as long as the surface is completely dry.

Rescue™ is a one-step cleaner and disinfectant, so there is no need for you to use both Rescue™ and Bleach to clean and disinfect the same surface. See our blog Do I need to rotate Disinfectants?

If you do choose to use both, as long as you are not directly mixing the products, there should be no adverse reactions with any residue on the surface. Our recommendation is that you choose one chemistry for safety and ease of use in consistent protocols.

Rescue™ does not leave any active residues behind on surfaces- while hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizer, it is important to remember that the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the solution is only 0.5% or less and presents no concerns with respect to reactions.

Additionally, once Rescue™ dries on a surface, the active ingredient (hydrogen peroxide) breaks down into oxygen and water, leaving no active residue on the surface. This means that once the surface is dry, should a second type of a commonly used chemical disinfectant be applied, there would be no hydrogen peroxide left on the surface that would lead to any adverse reactions.

Bleach readily evaporates, and the active ingredient in bleach (chlorine) does not leave an active residue behind on surfaces that would negatively react should the surface then be disinfected with Rescue™ at the in-use dilution.

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