Are Rescue™ Disinfectants safe to be used around reptiles?

Yes, Rescue™ Disinfectants are safe to be used around reptiles, however we do have a few recommendations to reduce potential discomfort due to the heightened sensitivity of reptiles.

Rescue™ Disinfectants contain low levels of hydrogen peroxide, surfactants, and wetting agents. At the in-use dilution Rescue™ has been proven to be non-toxic, non-irritating to eyes, non-corrosive to skin and non-skin sensitizing. Additionally Rescue™ is fragrance free and dye free.

Rescue™ Disinfectants at the in-use dilution do not carry any hazard statements or hazard pictograms and do not require the use of personal protective equipment when handling the product.

We recommend allowing the Rescue™ Disinfectant to remain wet on the surface long enough to achieve the required contact time, and due to the extreme sensitivity reptiles have to chemicals, we would always suggest a rinse with water.

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